Jake Paul warns he’ll “decapitate” Tommy Fury in disturbing pre-fight video

Jake Paul looking into the cameraYouTube: BS w/ Jake Paul

Jake Paul has warned Tommy Fury that he will “decapitate” him during their upcoming fight in a disturbing video posted to his Twitter.

After two failed attempts at organizing a fight against Tommy Fury, Jake Paul is set to go against Fury in Dubai on February 26, 2023.

Fans are split about who they think will win, with many taking notice of Tommy Fury’s insane jab power in a recent clip.

On February 22, Jake Paul posted a disturbing video to his Twitter where he warns that he will take Tommy Fury’s head off in the fight.

Jake Paul warns he’ll “decapitate” Tommy Fury

In the nearly 90-second video, Jake talked about how he feels Tommy is going to have to retire from boxing after he wins the match and his family will “disown” him.

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The influencer also gave his upcoming opponent a stern warning about the fight.

“I’m coming to take your f*cking head off. Decapitate you. I’m a mean, angry person deep down and I’m going to take out all of it on your f*cking face and there’s nothing you can do to f*cking beat me. I’m built differently,” he said.

“I want this more than you, I have more of a why. I’m more tapped in. I’m more emotionally intelligent. I’m more spiritually connected. I’ve worked harder every single day.”

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At the time of writing, Tommy Fury hasn’t responded to Jake’s grim warning for the upcoming fight — but we’ll be sure to update you if he does.

If you’d like to check out the fight as it happens this weekend, head over here to check out how to watch it.