KSI confronts Dillon Danis in heated DMs: “Try me”

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KSI and Dillon Danis had a heated confrontation in their Instagram DMs, marking their first confrontation after Danis pulled out of their fight in late December.

YouTube-boxer KSI is looking to take on three fights in 2023… but it doesn’t seem like Dillon Danis will be one of them.

The two were initially slated to face off in December 2022, but Danis unexpectedly pulled out of their bout at the last minute, forcing KSI to take on FaZe Temperrr, instead.

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Since then, KSI has made no bones about calling out Danis for “ducking” their match — and it doesn’t look like their beef is over, whatsoever.

KSI was slated to fight Dillon Danis in December 2022, but Danis pulled out of the match at the last minute.

On February 2022, Danis shared some DMs between himself and KSI on Twitter, showing the two getting into a heated exchange online.

Dillon Danis and KSI trade verbal blows in DMs

In the discussion, Danis gives out the address of his location, prompting KSI to say, “I’ll see you there bro. Make sure to bring your mum too.”

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“Make sure to bring yours, I know she’s the head of your security.”

KSI clapped back by sending a screenshot of their message history, showing Danis repeatedly calling him out with no response other than “f*ck off” before their conversation started.

“Scared? Prove what you say you would do we put in a pull out clause,” Danis wrote. “Be careful in my city today, kid.”

“Come try me, ****,” KSI shot back.

For now, it’s unclear if these two will actually trade blows outside the ring — but it wouldn’t be the first time Danis has had an unsanctioned confrontation with a YouTuber. Jake Paul famously bombarded the mixed martial artist with water balloons back in the beginnings of his boxing career, sparking an ongoing beef between the stars.

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Although KSI’s current fight schedule is unknown, he has repeatedly stated that he plans to take on Jake Paul at the end of 2023 (and it doesn’t look like Danis is part of those plans — at least, not yet).