FaZe Banks helps feuding Twitch stars Ludwig and Adin Ross end their “weird” dispute

FaZe Banks Ludwig Adin Ross Twitch DramaInstagram: Ludwig / Adin Ross / Banks

Richard “FaZe Banks” Bengston, who happens to be friends with both Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren and Adin Ross, helped them patch things up and end their “weird” Twitch feud after a chaotic 24-hours.

Banks was known for making clutch plays on Call of Duty in his prime, and although he still does from time to time, he came in clutch to put an end to the heated feud between his two friends, Ludwig and Adin Ross.

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Not long after, Ludwig clapped back at Adin’s fiery comments, explaining that he “jumped the gun a little bit,” Banks was hanging out with Adin and Mike Majlak and convinced him to extinguish the flames by face-timing Ludwig, and it worked.

Adin Ross Ludwig Sodapoppin Twitch DramaInstagram: Ludwig / Adin Ross
Adin and Ludwig’s feud took the internet by surprise.

Banks started the conversation by defending Adin’s reaction, saying, “You guys were in a room, all six of you guys, kind of taking shots at him, discrediting him. He got a little emotional about it.” Adin agreed and asked Ludwig for some credit and recognition

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In response, Ludwig asked him whether he thinks he said anything “inappropriate,” considering his comments were the most innocuous.

“Yes. I do. I honestly do think you said something inappropriate,” said Adin. “Well, I don’t think you said something inappropriate. I think you didn’t say something was appropriate – if that makes any sense.”

“I have no problem with you. I just saw a lot of sh*t talking in that room. The bad energy, I felt it. Everyone could feel it. Maybe you could have said some sh*t? Something like ‘this kid’s good’ or Banks talks highly about him.”

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FaZe Banks helped Adin and Ludwig patch things up.

Banks interrupted him, saying, “No, listen. It doesn’t even need to go there. Cracking humor and f**king with people is one thing. But this was a little bit different. It definitely had a weird tone and a weird vibe to it.” Still, he insisted that the whole thing got blown out of proportion.

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After a bit of a back and forth over who would apologize first, QTCinderella led the charge. “What we do as streamers in this group is that we make fun of each other all the time. We discredit each other all of the time,” she said.

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“But at the end of the day, you constantly have 160,000 people watching you. You’ve done that by yourself, and that’s very, very impressive. And I’m sorry our joking was seen as toxic.”

Adin accepted the apology. “I love you guys, too, I guess. We’re cool. It’s not you, Ludwig. It’s not even you. It was the other dude in the room who was being the most f**ked up,” he said, referring to Nick ‘Nmplol’ Polom. He also admitted that he got “too emotional” himself and apologized for that.

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In the end, it seems like the drama ended quicker than it started, thanks to Banks’ mad peacekeeping skills.

As for what happens next, it will be interesting to see whether Ludwig and Adin ever decide to collaborate sometime in the future.