FaZe Banks explains why he struggles to upload YouTube videos

Alice Hearing
FaZe Banks
YouTube: FaZe Banks

FaZe Banks has been quiet on YouTube for a while, and with fans begging for more content, he finally explained why he’s struggled to upload videos.

Richard “Banks” Bengston is best known as one of the founders and owners of FaZe Clan. However, he also had an enormous following on YouTube. Fans loved tuning in to watch his video blogs and entertainment videos.

Sadly, he hasn’t been active on his channel for quite some time. He posted his last batch of videos back in May 2019 and has remained inactive ever since. In August 2020, he even admitted that he might never return to YouTube again.

In January, Banks finally revealed that he would be returning to YouTube after all, after responding to a fan who wrote about how much he missed his content on Twitter, simply just adding “soon.”

FaZe's Ricky Banks has admitted he has no plans to return to YouTube.
YouTube: FaZe Banks
FaZe Banks had been teasing a YouTube comeback for a while

And yet, his YouTube channel has remained quiet, despite an Instagram post on April 11 further teasing that his vlogs would be coming back.

Banks finally explained why posting YouTube videos has been a struggle for him when he appeared on the No Jumper podcast with Adam 22 alongside Mike Majlak. In discussing different ways to make money, Adam asked Banks if his silence on YouTube is down to being lazy.

“Everything is all about pros and cons.. a lot of bullshit comes with uploading videos on YouTube,” Banks said. “It takes f***king ten minutes to crank out a YouTube video, it’ll pull in millions of views, it’ll make you some good money.

(Topic starts at 15:20)


“It has nothing to do with being lazy, more so to do with ‘ok am I ready to turn this back on, am I ready to take everything that comes with it’ or would I rather just trade little pixels on a screen and make money.”

He went on to explain, that getting involved in drama is the main thing holding him back, “I could have milked that Tfue thing for a while and cranked views out of it… I just didn’t feel like getting myself involved in all that drama and seeing those comments.”

Ultimately, Banks concluded, “It’s not about being lazy it’s I don’t know if I want to be that.”

However, he didn’t say never, and those anticipating a comeback may get a vlog from FaZe Banks eventually, but it’ll certainly take some patience.