Fans freak out over ‘leaked’ Misfits boxing card, but is it real?

Misfits Boxing card leaks internet breaking fights but is it realInstagram: loganpaul, ksi, natediaz209 / YouTube: PBD Podcast

Fans are rife with excitement and speculation after a “leaked” fight card surfaced online, showing a possible lineup of matches for the supposed Misfits boxing event in January 2023.

The influencer-boxing bug is at an all time high, with Jake Paul set to fight Anderson Silva in October and Deji slated to face off with Floyd Mayweather in November.

However, even more excitement is ramping up for next year, as rumblings have persisted throughout the past few months of a possible boxing event taking place in January 2023 as part of KSI’s Misfits Boxing promotional company.

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Popularly dubbed the ‘PRIME Card,’ fans are excitedly theorizing who we might see face off in early 2023 — but a recent ‘leak’ might have added a few more names to the list.

“Leaked” Misfits Boxing card teases KSI vs Nate Diaz, Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate, more

In late October, a supposedly “leaked” card for the next Misfits Boxing event began circulating online.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear where the card first originated… but the series of matches it proposes are nothing short of internet-breaking.

leaked misfits boxing card

Thus far, the leaked card claims we’ll see the following bouts:

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  • KSI vs Nate Diaz
  • Logan Paul vs Andrew Tate
  • Slim vs Salt Papi
  • Deji vs Bryce Hall
  • FaZe Sensei vs AnEsonGib
  • JiDion vs Swarmz
  • JMX vs Josh Bruckner
  • Deen the Great vs Walid Sharks

As exciting as these fights might be, many fans are calling the leaked card into question, noticing that a few of the proposed matches just aren’t likely to happen.

For starters, Logan Paul vehemently decried any notion of a fight with Andrew Tate, expressing concern of giving the controversial internet personality a platform in spite of the possible payday it would bring.

That’s not all; KSI has given some hint as to who his next opponent will be, saying in a recent YouTube video that although his rival is “a challenge,” they “do not” have a ‘Z’ in their name, as previously stated by his manager Mams Taylor.

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On top of that, JiDion has loudly denied any chance of a boxing match with Swarmz on multiple occasions, instead begging British YouTuber Joe Weller for a turn in the ring.

For now, many of these bouts seem like wishful thinking, and fans are treating the leak with healthy amounts of speculation until the third Misfits Boxing event gets officially announced.