Ewok destroys Dr Disrespect after his attempt to roast Ninja’s sneaker

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Streaming sensation Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has finally unveiled the fruits of his collaboration with Adidas’ “Time In” campaign — but not everyone is sold on his new kicks, including the two-time champ Dr Disrespect.

While much of the gaming space is hyped about Ninja’s new footwear, Dr Disrespect seems rather nonplussed by the major announcement, and took a good-natured shot at his fellow streamer in a hilarious Tweet concerning the new sneaks.

“Cute design,” the Doc wrote in response to Ninja’s announcement, attaching a photo of children’s shoes as if to clown the look of Blevins’ exclusive “Night Joggers.”

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Never one to back down, Ninja thew some joking shade the Doc’s way, asking, “When is your shoe coming out?” as though to highlight his own success.

However, Ninja wasn’t alone in this roast session: fourteen-year-old Fortnite pro FaZe Ewok came in with the clutch assist at the last second with a comment that left the entire community in stitches.

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“He’s trying to figure out how to waterproof it for the next time he films in a public restroom,” Ewok replied, calling back to the two-time’s viral incident at E3 2019 after he live streamed in multiple public restrooms at the event.

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Needless to say, Ewok’s savage comment sent fans into a frenzy, with some even joking that an “Ewok vs Dr Disrespect” boxing match should take place on the next KSI vs Logan Paul undercard (although another match between the two has been decidedly nixed).

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Ninja’s “Night Joggers” follow his initial teaser of his Adidas collab in late August, which, at the time, featured no specific details as to the exact merchandise he’d be releasing — although he encouraged fans to “use their imaginations.”

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Now, the streaming star has produced his own designer athletic shoes, which released at the same time as Puma’s own $180 “Active Gaming Footwear,” with both “Attack” and “Defense modes.”

No matter the case, it seems that the worlds of gaming and footwear are coinciding in a major way — even if Dr Disrespect isn’t a huge fan of this development.

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