Ninja teases major Adidas announcement for December 31

YouTube: True Geordie/Adidas

Streaming superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has dropped a further hint about his collaboration with Adidas – with a release date seemingly in the offing. 

While he competed in Halo prior to becoming a huge hit in the streaming world, Ninja has gone on to have some pretty unrivaled mainstream success because of his on-stream feats. 

He broke the mold by teaming up with Drake in Fortnite and has teamed with plenty of celebrities since then. Ninja even got to celebrate New Year’s live from New York – even though his flossing request didn’t go as planned – and appeared in an NFL commercial. Yet, perhaps his biggest accomplishment is teaming up with Adidas to get his own line of merchandise. 

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Ninja - TwitterNinja - Twitter
Ninja joined forces with Adidas prior to moving to Mixer.

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Ninja partnered up with the clothing giant back in the summer of 2019 after a few cryptic hints. Since his announcement, it’s been pretty quiet on what they’re planning to do – despite his appearance on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping series and other streamers receiving some clothes from him.

However, it appears as if fans won’t have to wait all that long as the streamer has teased yet another New Year’s Eve celebration.

On December 14, Blevins retweeted a post from BattlePass that had an image of him with a Ninja x Adidas badge that contained the December 31st date, as well as some of the other items that have been created in the crossover.

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Already, we’ve seen Ninja and Adidas hoodies, as well as tracksuits, but with them appearing to have more stuff in the works, it could quite literally be anything. 

The streaming star has talked about his love of sneakers in the past, so a line of Adidas shoes probably isn’t of the question. It remains to be seen as to what will be coming soon enough and if fans will, finally, be able to their hands-on whatever it is as well.

It’s just the latest in a host of high-profile sponsors for Ninja, which also includes Red Bull and NZXT.

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