Dream’s song ‘Roadtrip’ debuts on Spotify chart as streaming figures revealed

Luke Edwards
dream x spotify roadtrip

As a gigantic Minecraft Twitch streamer and leader of the game’s biggest SMP, Dream has expanded his horizons into the world of music. His debut single, Roadtrip, has debuted at #67 on the US Spotify chart.

Very few content creators enjoyed a surge in popularity in 2020 quite like Dream. Capitalizing on the success of his Minecraft Manhunt series, he created the Dream SMP: a survival multiplayer map that has seen some of Twitch and YouTube’s biggest stars battle it out on one Minecraft server.

Since then, he’s become an icon of internet culture. The absence of knowledge of what he looks like is one of the biggest mysteries, to the point his fan-dubbed ‘neck reveal’ became one of the weirdest trends of 2021.

Dream looked to capitalize on his newfound popularity by releasing his first music single, “Roadtrip.” As well as going viral on YouTube, it debuted on Spotify, and has completely exploded.

Released on Friday 5 February, Dream’s first single, Roadtrip, which was created in collaboration with PmBata, dropped on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. A day later, it debuted on the Spotify US charts at #67, with 375,000 streams.

Its success wasn’t limited to the United States, however. PmBata revealed the single had reached 2.81million streams worldwide, with over 300k unique listeners. Pretty impressive stuff.

The song has, as expected, blown up on YouTube too, with over 2.3 million views at the time of writing, in only a few days.

One fan even made a playlist consisting of just Roadtrip 125 times over. With fans as dedicated as this, it’s easy to see how this song has accumulated so many streams.

Who knows how far this song will end up rising in the charts, but there’s little to suggest it couldn’t reach the upper echelons. While it’s naturally hyped up because it’s Dream, the song itself is actually pretty catchy and also short – making it easy to relisten to.

Whether this will be a one-off, or if Dream will go on to produce more music alongside his Minecraft content is also unclear. But with the success he’s seeing so far, who knows what the future will bring.

His fellow content creator, Corpse Husband, also makes music, although he has been critical of Spotify for not featuring his music in playlists.

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