Dream’s Neck Reveal becomes strangest Twitter trend ever after MrBeast’s Rewind

Published: 2/Jan/2021 11:41 Updated: 2/Jan/2021 11:44

by Georgina Smith


The phrase ‘Neck Reveal’ was one of the biggest trends on Twitter on New Year’s Day, after Minecraft YouTuber Dream made an appearance in MrBeast’s YouTube rewind. But, he managed to reveal just a portion of his neck in a ‘face reveal’ prank.

Faceless YouTubers have become somewhat of a phenomenon in the past year, with intrigue surrounding creators who only reveal their voice amping up ten-fold after Corpse Husband’s explosion in popularity.

Dream is another example of a content creator who chooses not to show his face, instead he’s fronted by a simple stickman and a vibrant green color that has become iconic among his fans, and instantly recognizable.

Dream's logo next to a Minecraft screencap
Dream is known for his Minecraft content, particularly for his huge SMP server.

The Minecraft YouTuber has experienced an unprecedented rise in his following, going from one million subscribers to over 15 million subscribers within the space of just a year. He continues to increase that following via his huge Minecraft SMP server which has become extraordinarily popular on social media.

Fans grew excited when Dream announced he would be “starting 2021 off with a bang,” in MrBeast’s 2021 YouTube rewind posting a video of him holding a board over his face that hinted he would do a face reveal.

Almost instantly the phrase “He’s Real” trended, with fans surprised to see what is presumed to be the YouTuber in the flesh for the first time.

However, there were mixed feelings when in the rewind video he took the board away to reveal a balloon with a face on it instead of his real face in a perfect prank.

Topic starts at 5:00

Instead, Dream simply revealed a section of his neck, and fans quickly started making memes out of it on Twitter, and the joke was so popular that it started trending on the site within minutes.

People also wrote their own hilarious versions of the descriptions Twitter uses when a topic trends.

Fans also started making jokes about his Nike shoes, leading Dream to comment on the bizarre reaction to his MrBeast rewind cameo.

It may not have been the face reveal some had hoped for, but Dream fans definitely had fun with the short clip, and confused some Twitter users who may have been out of the loop in the process.

The wait for a proper Dream face reveal goes on.


Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Battle for clout? Jake Paul says brother is a “fake fighter” as bout approaches

Published: 1/Jan/2021 19:37

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Logan Paul might have scored the fight of a lifetime after securing a bout with none other than Floyd Mayweather — but little brother Jake Paul isn’t convinced that he’s throwing down for the right reasons.

The Paul brothers are in the midst of a completely unexpected transition from full-time content creators to professional boxers. Ever since Logan threw down with rival influencer KSI in August 2018, they’ve been set on making the sport a career — but the jury’s still out on if they can make it happen.

That being said, they’ve continued to make their mark in the space, with Jake Paul having scored three fights in the interim (all of which he’s convincingly won).

Coming fresh off his 2nd Round victory over former NBA pro Nate Robinson, Jake is making his exploits known to the world by calling out every high-profile fighter out there for a potential battle — but it seems like he isn’t a fan of his brother’s upcoming match against Mayweather.


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In a December 31 interview with TMZ, Jake called his older bro a “fake fighter,” and even claimed that he had taken the match for attention, saying the exhibition is detrimental to the sport of boxing.

“My brother is f**ked,” Jake said of the situation. “It’s bad for the sport. I think it’s just for clout. You know, my brother’s a fake fighter. I’m the real fighter. He’s 0-1, I’m 3-0.”

That being said, he made sure to wish his brother the best, but isn’t convinced that he can go the distance against the 50-0 pro.

“But I wish him the best of luck,” he continued. “Don’t get in there with the guy who’s never even been knocked down. He got knocked down once, and it was by accident.”

Jake isn’t the only one who predicts a swift end for Logan; even the legendary Mike Tyson predicted that Mayweather will “beat his f**kin’ ass” in the ring during a podcast several days prior.


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Considering the odds against him, it comes as little surprise that Logan isn’t the crowd favorite — but there’s still a chance that he might surprise us all.