Dr Disrespect tears into NICKMERCS as fans hype ‘fight’: “I’m on a whole other level”

dr-disrespect-nickmercsYouTube: DrDisrespect / Twitter: NICKMERCS

After showing off his guns to the camera, Dr Disrespect told fans the difference between his physique and athleticism compared to Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff’s is “not even close” — as fans continue to hype up a prospective boxing bout between the two.

Dr Disrespect is more than just the two-time back-to-back blockbuster 1993-1994 video game champion. He’s also the embodiment of violence, speed, and momentum, which requires him to be in tippity-top shape.

However, he’s butted heads with another streamer who likes to keep himself in good shape — NICKMERCS.

In July 2021, NICKMERCS posted a photo of himself flexing and tagged Doc, telling him to “never skip leg day” and calling him a “b*tch.”

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Doc responded by saying: “You wouldn’t keep up with me in anything related to ‘athletic movement.’” He also mocked him for having “kankles.”

The back and forth between them continued in dribs and drabs for months, which prompted the two-time to challenge him to a fight. It hasn’t happened yet. But if it did, Doc is adamant he’s on a “whole other level.”

NICKMERCS yells into his Twitch camera.Twitch: NICKMERCS
Doc and NICKMERCS have been throwing shade at each other all throughout 2021.

“Bigger than NICKMERCS?” said Doc while reading out a comment from a viewer. “I’m telling you right now, NICKMERCS is not even close to my level in terms of the physique and athleticism. Not even close.”

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He also explained how it “f**king pisses him off” that people claim the two of them would make for a good celebrity influencer boxing match.

“Do we want to play on eight-foot rims, too?” he added, taking a swipe at NICKMERCS’ height. It’s a reference to playing basketball on hoops smaller than regulation size.

“I’m on a whole other f**king level, champs.”

The two-time wrapped things up by explaining how strong he is by using TimTheTatman’s weight as a metric. “I can literally pick up TimTheTatman on my right shoulder,” he said. “I can put him on my right shoulder. Trust me.”

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NICKMERCS hasn’t clapped back yet. However, after being roasted by Doc once again, it’s only a matter of time before he responds.