Dr Disrespect explains why Apex Legends feels “so terrible” for casual players

Dr Disrespect next to Apex Legends character Gibraltar.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Respawn Entertainment

Dr Disrespect claims Apex Legends feels “just so terrible” for casual players who don’t grind it non-stop, due to the battle royale’s movement-heavy gameplay, slow gunplay, and how the two combine in every match.

Apex Legends has enjoyed a strong past few weeks, which included a mega Season 11 update, the new Storm Point map, and a totally new character, Ash. Like clockwork, eager gamers from across the internet returned to Apex Legends to try out all the new features the battle royale had to offer.

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Now, with the season launch disappearing into the distance, many are turning to other flavor-of-the-month titles, like Halo Infinite, CoD Vanguard, and even Battlefield 2042, despite the latter’s tides of problems.

The plan for many is to dip into Apex Legends irregularly.

Beware anyone planning to drop in and out of the Apex grind across the next few weeks and months ⁠though — according to the two-time, it’s not that kind of game.

Dr Disrespect thumbs up next to Apex Legends Wraith character after YouTube rage outburst.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Respawn Entertainment
Dr Disrespect thinks if you’re playing Apex Legends, you should stick to it full-time.

During one his recent streams, Dr Disrespect got onto the topic of returning to Apex  Legends after a lengthy break, and claimed it’s one of the toughest games for casual players to “settle back into” after any time away.

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“Every time I come to this game, before leaving a couple of hours later permanently for months, there’s a big adjustment period. Apex has a totally different feel to it.”

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There’s two reasons for this, the Doc explained.

The first is that while “relearning the game,” players have to adapt to the “flowing momentum” Apex Legends has become renowned for over the past two years. Then, there’s the gunplay, which ⁠— by Respawn’s design ⁠— is “so different” from any of its battle royale rivals.

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“Every time you come in, you think, ‘Okay, there’s an adjustment period’. It’s a hard game to drop just into,” he continued. “Tough for anyone playing casually.”

The Doc’s complaints about returning to the game don’t mean he hates Apex Legends though. The YouTuber admitted just months ago he “does love that game” and always enjoys dropping back in.

“If I’m not screaming about your game, I don’t like it,” the two-time said after fans claimed he hates Apex Legends. “If I’m there, not yelling about your game, not tweeting about it, then yeah I don’t like the game. If I get hot and bothered, like I do with Apex Legends, then yeah I’m digging your game.”

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Right now though, Dr Disrespect is all Halo, all the time. On Nov. 18, he even made the bold claim 343’s new title is “one big change away from incredible.”