Dr Disrespect challenges NICKMERCS to fight after Twitter feud

nickmercs and dr disrespectDr Disrespect, NICKMERCS

Dr Disrespect and NICKMERCS are no strangers to Twitter beef, but this time, things have heated up to a whole new level between the two streaming powerhouses.

Dr Disrespect hasn’t been shy about his recent frustrations surrounding aim assist, as the famed streamer has consistently bashed on controller players.

As Doc does, he aired some of these frustrations on Twitter and was met by a rather strong response from his Twitch counterpart NICKMERCS. The ensuing Twitter feud turned into something that few saw coming.

Is this the battle of YouTube Gaming versus Twitch that fans have been waiting for?

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Dr Disrespect & NICKMERCS fight incoming?

dr disrespectDr Disrespect
Would we ever get to see Dr Disrespect fight in real life?

On October 20, NICKMERCS replied to a Dr Disrepect tweet, calling the two time a “p***y” for his complaints concerning aim assist.

The next day, Doc fired back at the FaZe streamer, threatening to “slap those plastic Ray Bans” off his face.

The interaction has fans grabbing their popcorn buckets, wondering if the two streamers will ever take their internet squabble to the streets, or even the boxing ring, for a real fight.

Since then, the two have begun going back and forth on the thread with the most recent jabs before this article’s publishing being linked below.

There’s almost no chance things stop here, as each streamer has a knack for having the last laugh.

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Such a fight would almost definitely break the internet, especially seeing the notoriety that the Paul brothers have been able to achieve in the ring.

Yet, for right now, these remain idle threats and pure internet banter. We will provide updates if the situation develops any further or if something were to actualize.

Until then, hop on Twitter, check out each of their streams, and buckle up for more zingers that will surely be on the way.