Dr Disrespect explains why he hasn’t signed with Kick on anniversary of Twitch ban

Michael Gwilliam
dr disrespect signing to kick

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect has once again responded to speculation that he is signing with Kick after issuing a $50 million contract request.

Kick is making huge waves in the streaming landscape, recently signing big names like xQc and Amouranth with massive deals – and many are wondering if Dr Disresect will make the leap next.

Following xQc’s monumental $100M deal with Kick, the two-time revealed his terms and demanded $50M if he were to pack up and transition from YouTube to the rival platform.

While Kick has since revealed they’re in talks with Doc’s team, the two-time has doubled down on his contract demands, but he has added a bit more insight into why he hasn’t moved just yet.

Dr Disrespect reveals why he hasn’t signed with Kick

Dr Disrespect addressed potentially moving to Kick on June 26, which happens to be the anniversary of his mysterious Twitch ban back in 2020.

When asked about why he was asking for half of xQc’s deal, Doc joked that he wasn’t sure “how much money” they have, before getting a bit more serious.

According to Doc, the main factors at play are his current commitments and business ventures that make a Kick offer a bit more complicated.

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“I’m trying to assess it between maybe streaming just three days a week, that plays a factor. Owning a future billion-dollar game studio, that plays into my time. Black Steel Bourbon, worldwide, couple years, a global sensation,” he said.

The FPS streaming sensation added that he has to “balance it out,” but reiterated that if Kick wants him right now, the $50M offer is on the table and he’s up for it.

It’s anyone’s guess what will happen with Dr Disrespect, but with the YouTuber without a contract at the moment thanks to his Twitch ban, we’ll have to see if Kick can work some magic to find the two-time a new home.

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