Dr Disrespect reveals why he turned down $10M per year Kick contract

Michael Gwilliam
dr disrespect streaming on youtube

YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect revealed that Kick offered him a whopping $10 million per year deal to join the platform, but ultimately had to turn it down.

Rumors of Dr Disrespect joining Kick have been swirling since the green platform launched and picked up some of Twitch’s biggest names in 2023, signing xQc and Amouranth to non-exclusive deals.

Following xQc’s $100M deal, Doc responded by naming his price for joining the platform at $50M – and while negotiations between his team and Kick materialized, the two sides couldn’t reach an agreement.

In a May 29 YouTube stream, Doc revealed that Kick had actually made him a “gracious” offer of $10M per year without needing to do any gambling.

“It’s just not enough,” the 6’8 FPS streamer said.

While the two-time said he was “appreciative” of the offer and was even “humbled” by it, he’s standing firm at $50M and won’t settle for anything less.

“I’m not budging from that one,” he doubled down. “Fifty million you get the two-time. If not, I’m not interested in moving. The community is too strong here. We’re established. The numbers are just outrageous. We’re looking good, we’re feeling good. I’m in cruise control driving multiple Lamborghinis. I’m in no rush.”

Doc further noted how he has his own gaming studio and a third batch of his Black Steel Bourbon coming in the summer, so unless Kick raises their offer to $50M, he’ll be staying on YouTube.

The streamer’s comments come after Kick’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Andrew Santamaria, said that Doc joining the platform for its V2.0 launch would “probably not” happen.

“He’s an amazing streamer, but we need to ground things in reality,” he said, dismissing the streamer’s $50M contract demand.

While Doc and his Champion’s Club may not be jumping ship right now, it’s clear that the two-time is still open to the possibility if his conditions are met. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Kick is willing to play ball.

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