DoorDash fires driver after viral $5 tip meltdown and gives customer special gift

Michael Gwilliam
doordash driver has freakout

DoorDash has taken action against a driver who made headlines after he insulted a customer over a 25% tip on a $20 pizza order.

Food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub have become commonplace in our lives when it comes to getting a quick bite to eat, but that doesn’t mean the process is always smooth sailing.

Over the years, there have been plenty of bizarre stories involving delivery drivers. In some cases, they’ve been heroes who rescue people trapped on top of buildings, and other times, they’ve gone viral for the opposite reasons, such as eating customers’ food.

In the latest ridiculous incident, a driver had a freakout after getting tipped $5 and insulted a customer for not tipping more. Unfortunately for him, DoorDash didn’t take too kindly to their brand being represented like that.

DoorDash terminates employee for insulting customer over $5 tip

According to a report from the New York Post, the driver, known as ‘Dasher Corey’ is no longer with the company.

“Respectfully asking for a tip is acceptable but abusing or harassing someone is never acceptable,” DoorDash said in a statement. “We’ve removed this Dasher from our platform and reached out to the customer.”

During the altercation, which was filmed on Texas woman Lacey Purciful’s doorbell camera, Corey received a $5 tip and responded: “I just want to say, it’s a nice house for a $5 tip.”

After Lacey replied “You’re welcome,” Corey shot back with a vulgar “f**k you” before driving away.

Although the customer wasn’t able to get her tip back originally, when her husband complained to DoorDash, the company awarded the couple a $5 voucher. This wasn’t good enough.

When the husband and wife decided to escalate the issue, the delivery app opened an investigation and decided a bigger compensation was deserved: a whopping $75 credit.

The customer also made sure to show that she has a history of tipping well, even uploading a TikTok from earlier that same day where she tipped a driver $10 on a $17 order.

With more and more people now owning door cameras, hopefully, this will serve as a warning to drivers who try to pull a fast one by insulting customers over how they tip.