DoorDash driver throws order on the ground after customer doesn’t tip

Kawter Abed
DoorDash driver throwing customer's order

A DoorDash driver went viral on TikTok after throwing a customer’s order on the ground because they didn’t leave a tip.

In a short clip with 8.7 million views, content creator DashDrop (dashdropfood) showed the the driver approaching a house.

“Are you supposed to pay me?” the driver asked in the video, which was captured by a Ring doorbell camera. “I paid you in the app,” the customer responded.

A few seconds later, the unidentified customer revealed that they did not leave a tip, before asking for their order. The delivery driver responded by throwing their food on the ground, telling them to “go get it.”

The customer then yelled to their mother and complained about the driver’s actions. “I don’t have to leave a tip. End of story,” a text-overlay on the video read.

TikTok divided over DoorDash tipping issue

TikTok users in the comments were divided over the tipping issue, with some defending the driver, as delivery drivers depend on tips to make up much of their daily income.

“If you can’t afford to tip and pay DD fees then don’t order it,” one person wrote. “Not tipping is still crazy though… they only get a percent of the delivery fee and the tip plays a big part,” another added.

“Why wouldn’t you tip? If you can afford the food and using their time then you can tip the driver,” someone else said. “You know damn well she is trying to make a living!”

Others, however, argued that tipping is supposed to be optional. “Why are people acting so entitled in the comments like people are obligated to tip?” one questioned. “Paying the delivery fee and service charge is big enough tip,” another commented.

“I do DoorDash and you don’t have to tip. DoorDash already pays a percentage… it’s nice if you do though,” a third shared. “I still deliver if no tip.”

This is just the latest DoorDash-related video to take off on TikTok after another delivery driver slammed their non-tipping customer’s order against the door.

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