UberEats driver goes viral saving customer stranded on top of building

uber eats driver saves womanTikTok/voss_maggie

A quick-thinking UberEats customer is going viral on TikTok after she ordered food in order to escape the top of her apartment roof.

Uber has been known to come in clutch for many over the years offering ride service, food, and more and it turns out customers can even use the app to get out of tough situations.

For one woman, her trip to the roof of her New York apartment seemed like a good idea at first, but things quickly went downhill after the door locked and no one could come to help her.

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Not wanting the situation to turn into the movie Fall, the TikToker named Maggie resorted to ordering some food from UberEats and provided some bold instructions for the driver.

Woman orders UberEats getting locked on top of apartment roof

According to Maggie, she put in the instructions that the driver would need to buff every apartment in the building in order to be allowed inside, but promised a hefty tip if they pulled it off.

Eventually, the driver was able to make it to the roof after picking up the order and let the customer back inside of the apartment to her freedom.

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“My king!” she captioned the section before the video transitioned to her enjoying a burrito while safe back inside of her building.

“5 stars and a good tip for Jeffrey the best Uber Eats delivery in Manhattan,” she said in the video’s description.

In the comments, users praised both Maggie and the driver, remarking how “Modern problems modern solutions.”

“This is just NEXT LEVEL thinking,” another commented.

Since being uploaded, the viral clip has been viewed over 2.2M times. Hopefully, others will use this life hack themselves if they ever find themselves in a similar predicament. After all, it is cheaper than a locksmith!

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