Donald Trump says he “loves” SteveWillDoIt as the two meet again

Shay Robson
SteveWillDoIt stood next to Donald Trump in Red Rock Casino

Former US president Donald Trump had a run-in YouTube star SteveWillDoIt as the two finally met up once again, with Trump saying, “I love this guy!”

Much thanks to Dana White, in recent times we’ve seen the former United States president meet with some of the biggest streamers and YouTubers out there.

Notably, Trump has briefly exchanged words with YouTubers such as JiDion and Sneako, as well as streaming star Adin Ross — who may even have the former president join him for a Kick stream closer to the U.S. elections.

The former president has even sat down with the NELK Boys for several FULL SEND podcasts — after the first episode was quickly removed by YouTube after racking up over 6 million views — where returning in April for his second guest appearance he praised them for doing a great job with their platform.

Donald Trump says he “loves” SteveWillDoIt

More recently, on July 8, Trump briefly met with YouTuber and former NELK boys member SteveWillDoIt again, who was waiting in the Red Rock Casino in Vegas for him.

Joined by Dana White, it’s fair to say Trump was ecstatic to see the YouTube star again. “Oh, I love this guy!” Trump said with a smile on his face. “I love this guy, how are you? Are you okay?”

He continued: “You guys have done such a fantastic job, and this man is the one who introduced us right?” he asked while pointing to Dana, where, according to the UFC President, Trump was even talking about Steve as they were walking to meet him.

Likewise, Steve was also thrilled to see Trump — showing him support for his campaign in running for the 2024 Presidental Elections.