Trump praises the NELK boys: “You’ve done a great job”


Former US President Donald Trump has praised the NELK Boys and their FULL SEND podcast after making his second guest appearance on the show.

The NELK Boys — a group of Canadian YouTubers — have made waves on the internet with their content over the years. Notably, the group is known for their pranks and extravagant vlogs, but they’ve also built an audience for creating one of the biggest podcasts in the world: FULL SEND.

The FULL SEND podcast has featured numerous high-profile celebrities, including the likes of Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, and controversially, Donald Trump.

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The group first sat down with the former US President back in March 2022, although the episode was quickly removed by YouTube after 24 hours after already racking up over 6 million views. Returning for his second guest appearance on the FULL SEND podcast, Trump has praised the YouTubers for doing a great job with their platform.

US President Trump praises YouTubers the NELK Boys

In the April 20 episode, the former President of the United States noted that his political party is waiting for him to speak in the room across the hall – meanwhile, he’s sitting down with the NELK Boys.

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Trump then went on to give recognition to the YouTubers, explaining the last time he was on their podcast, he received phone calls claiming it was the best show he’s done in decades.

“They [Republican Party] don’t realize that the NELK boys are probably a lot more powerful than them,” said Trump. “I can tell you when I did your last show – when I did that show, I got more calls from people I haven’t heard from in 20 years saying that was the greatest show. So, you’ve done a great job fellas.”

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Timestamp at 34:21

He continued: “It’s true, right across the hall you have the most powerful people in the nation, you have the most powerful governors, senators, you have everybody waiting for me to speak, and here I am sitting with you, not saying to hurry up, because you’re the NELK boys.”

While the last show with the former President was quickly removed from YouTube, the latest episode still remains on the platform at the time of writing.

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