Adin Ross invites Donald Trump to stream with him on Kick after UFC 287 meeting

Adin Ross meets with Donald Trump at UFCKick

Adin Ross has revealed what he told Donald Trump when he met him at UFC 287 and wants to stream with the former US President.

UFC 287 was one of the best pay-per-views of the year with Israel Adesanya knocking out Alex Pereira to reclaim the middleweight title.

Although the event was a success, it was a highlight out of the octagon that made Adin Ross super excited as he got the chance to meet with Donald Trump who was sitting near him.

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Although footage showed Adin speaking with Trump and shaking his hand, viewers were left wondering what was being said. Luckily, Ross revealed it all during a recent Kick stream and teased having the president on with him.

Adin Ross tells Donald Trump he “loves him” at UFC 287

According to Adin, he was unsure about walking over to speak with Donald thinking that he didn’t want to be talked to, but UFC President Dana White whispered something in his ear that got things rolling.

Once Trump and Adin locked eyes, the two started talking like old chums with the streamer praising the former commander-in-chief.

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“Thank you for all you’ve done for the country. I love you and we need you back in office,” Ross recalled, reminiscing about shaking Trump’s hand.

Meanwhile, after Kick posted a photo of Adin talking to Trump asking viewers what they think they discussed, Ross revealed he “Told him to hop on my Kick stream.”

Whether or not Trump makes good on Adin’s offer remains to be seen, but if he does, it would certainly be one of the wildest crossovers we’ve seen in the streaming world.

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This wasn’t the only interesting sight from Trump’s visit to the UFC pay-per-view either. Notably, Logan Paul was eyeing the Presidental candidate after he was spotted with a bottle of Prime while sitting with Mike Tyson.

Will UFC 288 be able to top the madness at 287 in Miami? Only time will tell.

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