Adin Ross teases possible Kick stream with Donald Trump

Shay Robson
Streamer Adin Ross stood next to US President Trump

Kick star Adin Ross has hinted at a possible election stream with former United States president, Donald Trump.

After Adin Ross met Donald Trump at UFC 287 earlier in April, it looks like we may actually see a future collab between the two.

During a recent live stream, the 22-year-old was left stunned when Dana White hit him up to try and connect him with the former United States president.

According to Adin, the UFC manager sent him a text to explore the opportunity of Trump making a guest appearance in a live stream closer to the presidential election later this year.

“I just talked to the president, and I was telling him about you. As we get close to the election, I’m thinking of something you two could do together,” the text read. “I will bring you in for content with Trump if you’re interested.”

“Dana said that, bro! Holy sh*t Dana, what the f**k,” Adin reacted.

It’s fair to say fans went wild over the thought of Adin and Trump streaming together, with some even going as far as to claim it could be the best stream he’s done.

The controversial Kick streamer met Trump earlier this month, where after much hesitation, he took the opportunity to shake the president’s hand and exchange a few words.

At this time, it’s unclear whether or not we’ll actually see the two stream together. Although Trump recently made his second guest appearance on the NELK Boys’ FULL SEND podcast, it may have opened the door for more crossovers.

Regardless, it’ll definitely be one of the wildest crossovers we’ve seen in the streaming world if it comes to fruition.

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