NELK Boys’ Donald Trump podcast removed by YouTube after 24 hours

NELK Boys posing with Donald TrumpTwitter: NELK Boys

The NELK Boys have had their Donald Trump episode of the Full Send Podcast removed from YouTube after 24 hours, and it is just as the former President apparently predicted. 

Over the last few years, the NELK Boys – a collective of creators from Canada – have made waves on YouTube due to their wild and trend-setting videos of them traveling and pranking others.

More recently, though, they’ve started making waves in the podcast world with their Full Send show, as they’ve been able to attract massive guests like Dana White, Mike Tyson, and even the former US President.

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Trump’s appearance on the March 10 episode set the internet ablaze as he discussed his time in office and what he’s been doing since. However, if you want to watch it, you’re not going to find it on YouTube.

NELK Boys' Kyle talking into a mic on a podcastYouTube: FULL SEND/NELK
The NELK Boy’s podcast has hosted a wide range of guests.

After less than 24 hours of being live, the episode had racked up over 6 million views, and was well on its way to setting records for the Full Send channel.

However, it has since been removed from YouTube, with the platform citing that the episode violates their “misinformation policy” for some claims made about the 2020 presidential election.

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NELK Boys’ Kyle Forgeard revealed the email the group had received about the takedown being issued, with them being given the option to appeal if they choose to do so. He didn’t have much to say on it, though, simply calling the situation “crazy.”

Shortly after the takedown was issued, the former President appeared on FOX News to discuss what had happened, and even gave a shoutout to the YouTubers for having him on the show.

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The 75-year-old even claimed that he told the content creators it would be removed shortly after being uploaded.

While the NELK Boys have the option to appeal the takedown decision, it very much remains to be seen if they’ll do so.

Even if they do win an appeal, there’s no guarantee that YouTube will allow the video to return in its previous state, meaning they have to edit some parts to get the podcast back online.

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