Deji sends message to haters after securing Mayweather boxing match

Virginia Glaze
Deji slams naysayers after securing mayweather bout

YouTube star Deji is hitting back at naysayers after officially securing a boxing match against undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather, despite his own previous losses.

Deji Olatunji first dove into the world of boxing back in August 2018, when he faced off against Jake Paul on the Logan Paul vs KSI card that gripped the entirety of social media.

Deji notably lost this bout (although he did give Jake a bloody nose) — and the match after that, and the match after that.

He lost against Vinnie Hacker during the YouTubers vs TikTokers card in summer 2021, and was also defeated by Alex Wassabi earlier this year, causing a row between the American YouTuber and his big bro KSI that still has yet to be resolved.

However, Deji would make a huge comeback in August 2022 on the undercard of KSI’s ‘two fights, one night’ event with his match against Fouseytube. Although Fousey was the favorite to win, Deji took the victory by TKO in the third round, marking his first-ever boxing victory.

Then, something happened that no one expected; Deji scored an exhibition match against none other than Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, becoming the second major influencer to face off against the 50-0 boxing champ after Logan Paul in 2021.

Deji hits back at doubters after scoring Mayweather bout

This fight was officially confirmed on September 26. Deji uploaded an announcement video to his YouTube channel that same day, where he hit back at his haters who’d urged him to step away from boxing after his three initial losses.

“My whole boxing journey has been a lot of loss,” he said. “I’ve had people tell me to quit boxing after me losing. I was an 0-3 fighter. People just telling me that ‘This isn’t for you.’ You shouldn’t be boxing. You should give up.'”

“I had people doubt me. Tell me they don’t see any chance of victory for me. And now look at me. I’m about to share the ring with the greatest boxer of all time. So yeah, guys. If there’s anything you should take from my journey, it’s don’t give up.”

Deji will take on Floyd Mayweather on November 13 in Dubai at the Coca-Cola Arena — but Jake Paul is adamant that the boxing legend face off against him in the ring, next.

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