Alex Wassabi calls out KSI for boxing match after beating Deji

ksi and alex wassabiYouTube: KSI/Instagram: alexwassabi

Just days after beating Deji in the main event of the Showstar Boxing UK vs USA event, Alex Wassabi has now called out Deji’s older brother and YouTube phenom KSI.

The win over Deji was Wassabi’s first official boxing fight, and while things started off fairly evenly, it became very clear that Wassabi was the better boxer as the fight got going.

While the Showstar boxing event may have been marred with controversy, that hasn’t put Wassabi off from getting back in the ring.

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KSI is often seen as the forefather of YouTube boxing, and while Jake Paul may have eclipsed his fame in the ring, KSI is still the go-to for influencers looking to step up a rung when it comes to boxing.

deji vs wassabi weigh inShowstar Boxing
Wassabi went the distance in his fight with Deji.

KSI has been called out by all manner of YouTubers and online content creators, and while he still has his sights set on a match with Jake Paul eventually, Wassabi is the latest to reach for that brass ring.

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After the Brit posted a video about his younger brother’s fight with Alex, Wassabi accused him of “kicking your brother while he’s down” — to which KSI responded by saying that Deji “should have wiped the floor with him.”

He then posted to his story, saying that it’s time to “find out who the better boxer is,” directly calling for KSI to meet him in the ring.

Alex Wassabi calls out KSI in instagram storyInstagram: alexwassabi
Wassabi called out KSI in his Instagram story.

KSI hasn’t yet publicly responded to Wassabi’s call-out, but he’s never been one to shy away from talking about these things.

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Expect a response from KSI at some point and, if Wassabi’s plans work out, we might be seeing the two of them in the boxing ring at some point soon.