Watch Jake Paul Get Punched in the Face 40 Times by Deji

Virginia Glaze

A compilation video of YouTuber Jake Paul getting punched in the face by his boxing opponent Deji has been uploaded online with a high hit count.

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YouTube user Dankageddon uploaded a video breaking down exactly how many times Jake Paul was punched in the face during his boxing match with Deji.

The total was a shocking 40 times, and every punch was carefully documented for fan consumption.

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While the video might have viewers believing that Deji won the match, but that was not the case.

The two had a close match with Deji ultimately losing to Paul. While Jake stated that he’d knock his opponent out in the first round, that never happened – instead, Deji held his own, throwing out a series of solid punches as proven by the video.

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Although Jake took a slew of ruthless hits, he still managed to pull through, emerging the victor after five grueling rounds. Whether the video was made to showcase Jake’s resilience or Deji’s strength isn’t clear – it is, however, an entertaining recap of their bout.

A rebroadcast of the KSI vs Logan Paul fight can be watched on the official KSIvsLogan YouTube channel for £7.50 ($10.00).