David Dobrik’s YouTube comeback could be soon after he’s spotted in Hawaii

Connor Bennett
David Dobrik filming with a camera for YouTube

When is David Dobrik coming back to YouTube has been a question on the mind of many fans, and after rumors that he could be planning a comeback, the social media star has been spotted in Hawaii.

Back in early 2021, former members of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad came forward with stories about their time in the YouTube collective, claiming it made them feel “worthless” and they were forced into making “traumatizing” content.

Following those claims, sexual assault allegations were also made against Vlog Squad member Durte Dom, and while Dobrik attempted to set the record straight on the different controversies, he was dropped by a whole host of sponsors, saw his social media accounts lose countless followers, and had his YouTube channel demonetized. 

For the last few months, Dobrik has been keeping a low profile, with plenty of fans questioning if he’d ever make a return to social media. Well, he’s finally resurfaced.

David Dobrik VIEWS podcast
David Dobrik has lost billions of YouTube views and subscribers after his past pranks have come under intense scrutiny.

Following claims that the YouTuber and his content collective would be heading to Hawaii to film some comeback videos, Dobrik was spotted by one fan.

The picture surfaced on Instagram, confirming that David had been in Maui County. Though, aside from the one quick selfie with a fan, there were no other photos of Dobrik.

Nor were there any photos or videos of his Vlog Squad pals. The YouTuber may well have been alone in Hawaii, getting away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles as he continues to keep a low-profile.

There had been rumors that Dobrik had canceled his Hawaii getaway as well, but they have clearly been rubbished now. However, questions remain about whether or not he’ll ever return to YouTube.

Corinna Kopf, who appeared in many of Dobrik’s videos, said she believed he’d come back at some point. It remains to be seen if he’ll do so, and if he’d be welcomed back by his fans and the masses.

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