Corinna Kopf gives update on David Dobrik’s YouTube return following Vlog Squad scandal

Corinna Kopf and David Dobrik selfiesInstagram: Corinna Kopf/David Dobrik

Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf has given an update on David Dobrik amid his social media hiatus, suggesting that he may even come back to YouTube when the time’s right. 

The controversy surrounding David Dobrik and his group, the Vlog Squad, has been the talk of YouTube for a number of weeks ever since former members started talking about their experiences with the collective.

Some slammed Dobrik for what had happened in videos they’d made with him, and former member Dom Durte – Dominykas Zeglaitis –  was accused of sexual assault following a video that was made in 2018.

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Dobrik has apologized for what happened, twice, while sponsors and even friends of his have cut ties. Aside from the apologies, he’s not posted on social media since March. Facebook posts have been made in his name but as PewDiePie pointed out, that’s likely just a company doing it for him. 

David Dobrik releases second apology video.YouTube: David Dobrik
Dobrik has released two apology videos regarding the ongoing controversy.

That’s led to questions regarding his whereabouts and whether or not he plans to return to YouTube or social media in some form in the future.

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Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf addressed some of those when she spoke to Pop Galore on April 5, revealing that she’s spoken to him and that she’ll likely join in with his videos if he returns.

“Yeah I’ve talked to him, he’s doing good,” Kopf said. When asked about whether or not she thinks he’ll resurface on YouTube at some point, Corinna responded that she’s “sure” he will, but at this point, Dobrik hasn’t uploaded a video to his main channel in nearly a year outside of the apologies. He has, though, uploaded a few videos to his second channel in the last few months.

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Since his apology videos, the YouTuber has been wiping old videos from his channel, resulting in the loss of over two billion views. He’s also been hemorrhaging subscribers too, losing over 400,000.

Like Kopf, many believe that he’ll return at some point but as of now, no one knows when that might be.