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Corpse Husband hits massive YouTube milestone as Among Us hype continues

Published: 21/Nov/2020 16:37

by Georgina Smith


Hugely popular gaming and horror narrator YouTuber Corpse Husband has hit the crazy milestone of five million subscribers on his YouTube channel, with his fan base growing quicker by the day.

Corpse Husband turned out to be one of the unexpected breakout stars of 2020 in the social media world. He started his channel back in 2015 primarily narrating spooky stories with his now iconic deep voice, but surged into viral fame when he began playing Among Us.

Notably Corpse has not yet revealed his face, previously saying that “I can’t imagine my physical appearance being out there” on top of the crazy stuff that goes on behind the scenes.


However, the YouTuber has definitely had some fun with his fans regarding his lack of face reveal, instead choosing to reveal a single strand of hair, and his hands. One dedicated fan even got a tattoo of the hair to show her appreciation for Corpse.

Corpse Husband image next to hair strand reveal
Instagram: corpse_husband
Corpse Husband has not yet revealed his face, although has done a hair strand reveal.

Now, to his disbelief and the sheer delight of his fans, Corpse Husband has hit 5,000,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

In a tweet that shared a screenshot of the moment his subscriber count ticked over to the milestone number, he said: “I’m in disbelief. IDK how I got here but I’m endlessly grateful and will keep trying my absolute best.” He also sent a caring message to his followers to “please take care of yourselves.”


His followers flooded the tweet replies with comments praising him for his hard work, and congratulating him on the huge accomplishment.

Even Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson put in a word, saying “5% of the way!”

Corpse was the winner of Mr Beast’s Twitter contest where whoever could ratio his tweet the hardest would win $10,000, beating a BTS fan account to top spot – though the race was extremely close.

The milestone has certainly come as great news for fans and the creator, and it looks as though Corpse Husband’s following will only continue to grow.