Corpse Husband hits back at haters: “I like f**king with the world”

Corpse Husband Interview HatersYouTube: AnthonyPadilla

Corpse Husband has hit back at haters and admitted he likes ‘messing’ with them, which is what drove him to upload the viral breathing tweet. He has also defended his fans, who often cop barrages of hate online.

Corpse Husband’s identity is still a mystery despite being one of the most popular streamers in the world.

However, he’s been stepping out of his comfort zone more often lately, and it culminated in him sitting down for another long interview with Anthony Padilla.

Padilla, who has been praised for being an attentive, considerate, and respectful interviewer, quizzed him on four topics: how he started, how he blew up, how he copes with chronic illness, and what his life is like outside of streaming.

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But at one point, the conversation shifted to the hate he and his fans receive daily.

Corpse Husband image in front of Among Us backgroundYouTube: Corpse Husband / InnerSloth
His face is still a mystery, but Corpse Husband is one of the world’s biggest streamers.

“I get so much hate online every day,” he said.

“People will get mad at anything that’s popular. [They] have my notifications on just to hate me. So, to test his hypothesis and “prove a point,” he uploaded the infamous breathing tweet that ended up going viral.

“I did a voice memo, and I just breathed. I [figured I was] going to get so much sh*t for literally breathing.”

Funnily enough, he wasn’t wrong. Haters criticized him for uploading the post and accused him of breathing “super sexually,” which he denied. They also directed their hatred towards “obsessed” fans who liked the post.

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“A lot of people say my supporters are toxic, but then they’re the ones going out of their way to poke at them.”

The relevant part of the video starts at 14:48.

The good news, though, is that all the hate doesn’t phase him. “I like f**king with the world. It’s fun. As much as everybody gets mad at me, I think it’s funny that people get mad at a blank tweet.”

He also claimed haters don’t realize his fans were “in on the joke,” too. “That’s what the people who hate me don’t get. They see a breathing tweet with 300,000 likes, but the 300,000 people are liking it just to piss off those people, so they’re actually playing into it.”

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It seems inevitable that popular streamers like Corpse Husband will endure haters on the internet from time to time. Pokimane knows that all too well.

But despite all that, and despite the fact his fans receive it too, his community is passionate and positive. They loved seeing him support them.

They’re also thrilled to see him coming out of his shell. Maybe his next interview will involve a face reveal. Who knows?