Doja Cat streaming on Twitch draws response from Corpse Husband, Pokimane, more

Doja Cat on TwitchInstagram: Dojacat / Twitch

Doja Cat has launched her very own Twitch channel, drawing interest from many of the internet’s most popular personalities such as Corpse Husband, Disguised Toast, and plenty more.

Doja Cat is the latest mainstream celebrity to create her own Twitch stream. Having launched her account on February 24, the popular singer has already attracted more than 125,000 followers on the platform.

While she’s still new to the game with barely a few broadcasts, countless streaming stars have already reached out to collaborate. From Corpse Husband to Quackity, there’s a ton of interest to see Doja Cat online.

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Despite already having a few weeks of experience, a March 15 tweet set the internet ablaze. “F*** it i’m getting on Twitch,” she said, drawing out replies from many of the internet’s biggest names.

Doja Cat is streaming on Twitch

Doja Cat has been active on Twitch for a number of weeks already. Her first stream came on February 24 as she played a mix of Grand Theft Auto Online and 2017 indie game Little Nightmares.

On March 15, she returned to Twitch with a different title in focus. Already most of the way through Playdead’s award-winning title, INSIDE, Doja Cat booted up her stream looking for some help. Stuck at a particular section, more than 10,000 viewers jumped in to offer assistance.

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Since kicking things off, she’s streamed without a cam, and her profile remains empty. Outside of a display pic, there’s not a great deal to go off.

The star also has no no schedule, no bio, and therefore, no real indication of how often she intends to go live.

For now, Doja Cat appears to start up the stream at random, whenever she finds the time. If you’re eager to tune in live one day, it’s worth keeping a close eye on her other social media platforms.

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Corpse, Pokimane, & others want to stream with Doja Cat

Within minutes of announcing her latest stream on March 15, Doja Cat’s tweet went viral, with tons of hugely popular names sharing it around. Many offered invites to join their future gaming sessions.

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Karl Jacobs had just one simple question for the popular artist. “Was curious, have you ever heard of Minecraft? Would love to play it sometime!”

Meanwhile, Quackity offered to play a party game with her. “You would be excellent in my Jackbox lobby,” he said.

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“Yes PLEASE,” Pokimane chimed in, clearly eager to collaborate.

“Wanna play Among Us?” fellow OfflineTV member Disguised Toast followed up shortly after. Even Corpse Husband joined the conversation with a simple “exactly.”

With plenty of big names reaching out, it could just be a matter of time until we see the next big collab stream on Twitch. Of course, it’s still early days yet though. There’s no telling if any of these collabs will ever come to fruition. 

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Despite being brand new to the platform, she’s already spiked a good amount of interest, however. We’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

In the meantime, you can follow Doja Cat’s account right here to get a heads up when she next goes live.