TikToker confirms her facial tattoo is real after viewers are in disbelief

Molly Byrne
tiktok doesn't believe that a woman tattooed her boyfriend's name on her faceTikTok: anastanskovsky

A woman tattooed her boyfriend’s name in large font in the middle of her forehead, leaving the internet in disbelief at her permanent decision.

Letting our loved ones know how fond we are of them can sometimes take a turn for the worse, especially when it’s permanent.

So when TikToker Ana Stanskovsky tattooed her boyfriend’s name on her forehead, the internet was in disbelief.

However, Stanskovsky was confident in her decision to enduringly show her affection for her boyfriend “Kevin.”

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TikToker defends her decision to tattoo her boyfriend’s name on her forehead 

When Stanskovsky showed her TikTok viewers the process of getting her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead, they didn’t seem to believe her.

After someone commented, “Surely this isn’t real,” Stanskovsky uploaded an additional video showing how the facial tattoo was healing up. 

As she poked the plastic wrap protecting her new ink, Stanskovsky said, “Yes, it’s real. It’s so fresh.”

She then described why she tattooed “Kevin” in a large font on her forehead, saying, “I know it’s a little bit crazy. I know it’s a little bit of what if, and what if we break up and all of this stuff.”

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She continued, “But I like to express my feelings and I think, if you really love someone, you should be able to show it off.”

Stanskovsky proceeded to defend her “spontaneous” decision despite being worried about telling her mom about the tattoo.

Viewers, however, shared their disbelief about her permanent ink, saying that the tattoo was “crooked” and “uncentered.” They also noticed that the tattoo wasn’t as “swollen” or “red” as it would usually be afterward.

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Some even questioned why a “professional” tattoo artist would ever do that to someone’s face knowing that many relationships don’t last. 

Others shared their advice on how to alternatively convey a loving message, saying, “A handwritten note is a precious way to express your feelings.”

Stanskovsky was also asked what her boyfriend Kevin thought of her forehead tattoo, however, she has not yet revealed his reaction.

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