YouTuber found buried in a couple’s backyard after disappearing on Christmas Day

Alice Sjöberg
Carlos Henrique Medeiros was found dead

The body of Brazilian YouTuber Carlos Henrique Medeiros was found buried in his friends’ garden after having been reported missing on Christmas Day.

Carlos Henrique Medeiros, 26, was reported missing on Christmas Day after he failed to return home from dinner with friends, according to CNN Brasil.

Carlos was known online for his prank videos and skits. He had 1.77 million subscribers on YouTube and 86,800 Instagram followers.

Carlos’ sister Cátia told CNN that he called around 9 pm on December 24th saying he would like to spend the night with his colleagues, who live on the same street in the neighborhood in Itapecerica da Serra, close to São Paulo, Brazil. However, the colleagues claimed Carlos had left their house to go home at 2 am.

Speaking with JAM Press, Carlos’ other sister, Cristiane Aparecida Medeiros, said that their whole family had been looking for him in hospitals and woods around where they live until Saturday, December 30, when a friend of Carlos “saw a mound of dirt in the house of this couple” he had visited for the holidays.

Cristiane said: “They went in and saw my brother’s T-shirt showing in the dirt.

“They called the police, who went there and found him buried.”

Carlos Henrique Medeiros was found dead in friends' garden

Couple claims YouTuber died from an overdose while having sex

According to the police, the man and the woman who owned the house claimed that the influencer had died while doing drugs and having sex with one of the homeowners’ sister, the New York Post reported.

“The couple’s version is this: They buried him because they didn’t know what to do with the body,” Police Chief Luís Roberto Faria Hellmeister told JAM Press.

The couple have since turned themselves into the police, and an autopsy has begun to determine Carlos’ cause of death. However, according to the police, they found no evidence of stab wounds, strangulation, or gunshots on Carlos’ body.

Investigations are ongoing and the police will await the results of the medical examination into how the influencer died. If the couple’s participation in the death is confirmed, the man and woman could be charged with homicide and concealment of a corpse.

Medeiros was known for sharing videos of jokes and pranks on YouTube, but had stopped creating content following his father’s death in 2023, his friend Robson Casemiro told Brazilian news outlet Metropoles.

“When his father died, he changed completely. His shine disappeared. He started using drugs, cocaine. This friend (the male suspect) also used these things,” Robson said.

“One hypothesis is that they were both using drugs, he had a mental (breakdown) and attacked Henrique. Another is money.”

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