Corinna Kopf slams “self-righteous” Pokimane over Kick vs Twitch comments

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Corinna Kopf is slamming Pokimane on Twitter after the streamer claimed she wouldn’t “compromise her morals” to switch from Twitch to Kick amid the platforms’ ongoing feud.

The streaming wars are raging on as many of Twitch’s top broadcasters are jumping ship from the iconic purple streaming platform in favor of Kick.

Most recently, major Twitch stars xQc and Amouranth joined Kick in a huge blow to the Amazon-owned site… but there’s one prominent streamer who won’t leave Twitch for its green rival.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the most-followed woman on Twitch, and has made her stance on the platform very clear in the past, saying she loves Twitch’s general culture and chat features as opposed to other platforms.

Pokimane online hate
Pokimane is Twitch’s most-followed female streamer.

Pokimane shuts down speculation of joining “cringe” Kick

However, with many top broadcasters choosing to stream on Kick, fans got curious if Poki would be making the switch as well, prompting her to speak out about the situation in a recent stream.

“Why would I compromise my morals and ethics for more money when I have money?” she answered after a fan asked her if she’d join Kick for a $10 million deal.

“Something about that is so cringe to me, personally,” she continued. “Like, I understand if you need to make money, right? For me to do cringe sh*t when I have money — I can’t. Like, ew.”

Kick has come under scrutiny for its loose guidelines on what content is and isn’t allowed on its platform, such as sexual content, gambling, and more. It is also home to a few controversial creators — chief among them Adin Ross, who is a staunch supporter of Andrew Tate and has even encouraged his viewers to harm other people for money.

Pokimane’s recent comments on Kick have sparked outrage against her online, with one user reposting a clip of her calling Kick “cringe,” saying the streamer is “insecure” in comparison to other creators who joined Kick for extremely lucrative deals.

Poki took notice of the critic’s comment and hit back at them in a quote-retweet. “Me: It’d be cringe for me to compromise my morals and ethics for money,” she wrote. “Random mfs online: You’re insecure! Jealous! Salty! O…K…. Y’all want something to be mad about so bad lmao.”

Corinna Kopf shades Pokimane over Twitch vs Kick comments

Anys’ tweet caught the attention of fellow streamer and OnlyFans mogul Corinna Kopf, who notably signed up with Kick shortly after Adin Ross joined the site earlier this year.

It doesn’t look like Kopf was a big fan of what Poki had to say, either, as she called the Twitch star “self-righteous” for the way she expressed her thoughts about Kick.

“You’re putting your moral opinion on the internet, what do you expect?” she wrote in response. “Especially when you sound so self-righteous.”

For now, it doesn’t look like there have been any more developments on this latest internet feud — but this isn’t the first time Pokimane and Corinna have butted heads, by far.

In 2022, Corinna famously called out Pokimane for seemingly having a gambling stream up in the background of one of her old YouTube videos after Anys spoke out against Twitch allowing gambling on its site.

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