Kick trolls Pokimane with her infamous cookies after teasing Twitch departure

Jeremy Gan
pokimane holding her myna cookies

Kick has trolled Pokimane by bringing up her infamous Myna cookies after the content creator teased a cryptic Twitch departure.

Pokimane is undoubtedly the queen of Twitch, not only being the most-followed female Twitch streamer but one of the most followed streamers on the platform flat out. 

She has largely become synonymous with the platform, with Twitch often using her in various promotions and her staying loyal to the Amazon-owned site while many streamers jumped ship to YouTube or Kick. 

Though after a cryptic tweet teasing a departure from Twitch, Kick, a platform Poki has been long critical of, decided to do a little bit of trolling. 

Sharing her tweet, the rival platform responded with a mock image of Poki’s cookie brand, Myna, in the graphic usually reserved to announce a new signing to the platform. Clearly bringing up a controversy the industry remembers all too well.

Poki has been critical of the Stake-backed platform ever since it started luring streamers with blockbuster deals, saying signing with the site would “compromise her morals and ethics.”

However, it isn’t as if Kick has no hopes of signing the Twitch superstar, as they revealed that they are indeed still interested in working with her on a contract, even if she had vehemently opposed the idea. 

Kick’s team isn’t opposed to using Poki for a little bit of trolling, as they once even poked fun at her criticisms of the platform in a TikTok ad

As for what’s next for Pokimane after her cryptic tweet seemingly bidding farewell to Twitch, it’s hard to say as fans will need to wait for her next announcement to see what will come afterward for the queen of Twitch.