Pokimane explains the biggest disadvantage of streaming on YouTube vs Twitch

Pokimane Twitch YouTubeTwitch: Pokimane/YouTube

Streaming giant Imane ‘Pokimane’ has shared her opinion on the biggest difference between streaming on Twitch compared to YouTube. Although she explained that streaming on YouTube isn’t “bad,” she compared it to being “on an island.”

The shock announcement that Twitch streamer Sykkuno was leaving the platform for YouTube Gaming has sparked a wave of debate among the community. While many creators have praised Sykkuno for the move, it has also opened up the discussion about streaming on YouTube compared to Twitch.

Now, Twitch streaming giant Pokimane has shared her opinion on the difference between streaming on the two platforms, saying that it is more “difficult” for creators to “pop off” on YouTube.

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It comes after she previously said she was “happy” for Sykkuno’s platform move, even though it was also a bittersweet moment seeing him leave.

pokimane-twitch-curly-hairTwitch: Pokimane
According to Pokimane, creators on YouTube find it difficult to “pop” unless they have an existing fanbase.

Pokimane explains “streaming culture” on YouTube vs Twitch

Speaking during her livestream on May 3, Pokimane claimed that there is a huge difference between YouTube and Twitch’s streaming cultures. As a result, it can be difficult for creators to “pop” on the platform without a pre-existing audience.

“Streaming on YouTube, albeit not being a bad thing I don’t want to demonize it in any way, is very different from Twitch because you are a little bit more on an island,” Pokimane stated. “There’s not very clear discoverability.”

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She also claimed that won’t be “impressed” with YouTube Gaming until she sees “an ecosystem of livestreaming” on the Google-owned platform. In comparison, Pokimane claimed: “Twitch has the ecosystem. Twitch has the culture. Twitch has the community.”

According to Pokimane, it can also be difficult for creators to hit a viewership goldmine on YouTube. In particular, Pokimane claimed up-and-coming streamers may struggle to find their fanbase.

“You need a pre-existing audience. I also haven’t really seen anyone pop off on YouTube.” She then compared how popular streamers like Valkyrae and Dr Disrespect already had a strong fanbase before they moved to the platform.

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Rumors have circulated in the past that Pokimane was planning to set up shop on YouTube, especially as her Twitch contract came to an end. However, her recent comments prove that she is more than happy with her life on Twitch for now.