Pokimane fans concerned after streamer jokes she wants to “end it all”

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Pokimane has sparked concern among her fanbase after uploading a TikTok video joking that she wants to “end it all.”

On May 4, 2024, popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys uploaded a short clip on her alternate TikTok account alluding to some ongoing mental health struggles in her life.

“You know when you’re not feeling your best and someone goes, ‘Damn, you look like you lost some weight. Have you been in the gym?'” the streamer began. “Like, I’ve been in my feels. I’ve had no appetite. Thinking about ending it all. Yeah.”

Fans expressed their concerns for the influencer in the comments section, with one writing: “Poki… are you okay? Wanna talk about it?”

Anys answered the viewer, writing back: “Nah, I really don’t.”

“I never heard Poki say this before, is she okay?” another fan wrote.

“Keep going,” yet another encouraged. “I know it can be hard, and I don’t know your problems, but keep moving.”

While Pokimane hasn’t opened up any further about her current situation, the Twitch icon did make an anxious post on Twitter/X in late April, writing: “Wish my parents hadn’t chosen a thought daughter, I’m so tired of overthinking,” later clarifying that she meant, “a daughter who thinks a lot.”

At the time of writing, it’s unclear what Pokimane is going through, but fans are sending the streamer an outpouring of support after her latest upload in the hopes that she feels better.

Anys has been open with viewers about her mental health in the past. In July 2022, the broadcaster penned an open letter to fans, saying she needed a “mental reset” and would be taking a break from streaming to “focus on myself” and “my life offline.”

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A month later, she returned to social media with a tearful message for her followers, announcing she’d be shifting her focus from streaming on Twitch to make content on other platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Since then, she’s moved on from her exclusive contract with Twitch and is now a free agent, often uploading photos and clips from her travels abroad while recording episodes of her new podcast, ‘Don’t Tell Anyone.’