CodeMiko unbanned on Twitch 24 hours after ‘uncensored’ stream

Dylan Horetski
CodeMiko streaming on Twitch

Popular VTuber CodeMiko has been unbanned from Twitch just 24 hours after receiving a ban for her ‘uncensored’ stream. 

After receiving her fourth ban from Twitch, and her roommate JustaMinx tweeting that she’d see her in a month, CodeMiko has been unbanned from the platform just a day later.

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According to the popular ban-reporting Twitter page, Streamerbans, Codemiko received a ban on June 6, 2022.

Tt appears to be the fourth time the creator has been temporarily kicked off of the platform.

Her last ban was in January 2021 for saying the word “Simp” on stream just a month after Twitch banned the word from the site.

CodeMiko receives fourth ban from Twitch

Fans quickly took to the tweet replies to figure out why their favorite streamer received her latest ban, and the reason was quickly made apparent after a user posted a screenshot of her last stream.

Titled “CodeMiko might get banned today,” the screenshot shows Miko’s undressed VTuber avatar with nothing but a censor covering up her body.

According to Twitch’s community guidelines, nudity is against TOS — whether it’s a censored avatar or not.

Minutes after the ban, Miko ‘baited’ her fans with a tweet on her personal profile. She said: “Perma???”

Luckily for those worried about the creator’s career, JustaMinx quickly debunked her tweet with a reply. Minx tweeted: “See you in a month.”

This ban comes just hours after Miko tweeted that a TikToker broke into her home and threw rocks at her roommate, Justaminx.

“A TikToker (stranger to us) tried to get into our home,” she explained. “When denied he threw a big rock at Minx and Lewis […] I can’t believe the entitlement of some influencers. He tried to get into our house and his reasoning was that he used to live here.”

It’s safe to say that Miko has had quite an eventful day, and we’ll be sure to update this article if she confirms her ban length at any time in the future.