CodeMiko reveals TikToker tried to break into her home and threw rocks at JustaMinx

CodeMiko streaming on TwitchTwitch: CodeMiko

Popular VTuber CodeMiko has shared the “scary” story of how her home was broken into by a TikToker who attacked her and her housemates with rocks. 

Streamers can be all smiles in front of the camera. However, there can be some distressing instances behind the scenes and in the safety of their own home which can leave them scared for their lives.

Many streamers have shared their terrifying stories of their homes being invaded. If not by an intruder, by an armed Police SWAT team.

Twitch star CodeMiko has shared the traumatic ordeal of having a stranger invade her home who then attempted to assault her housemates.

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Envy House opening with JustaMinx, the Botez sisters, and CodeMikoEnvy Gaming
CodeMiko’s home, which shares with her fellow creators the Botez Sisters and JustAMinx, was broken into during the night.

CodeMiko’s home broken into by TikToker

On June 6, CodeMiko revealed that a stranger attempted to break into her home during the night. The unidentified TikToker then went on to insist that he formerly owned the house.

“A TikToker (stranger to us) tried to get into our home,” CodeMiko tweeted. “When denied he threw a big rock at Minx and Lewis […] I can’t believe the entitlement of some influencers. He tried to get into our house and his reasoning was because he used to live here.”

CodeMiko currently lives in an all-female content house launched by Envy Gaming back in January 2022. Her fellow creators JustAMinx, producer Lewis, as well as Alexandra and Andrea Botez also reside in the large LA home.

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It’s not clear yet whether the Botez sisters were around at the time of the break-in. However, CodeMiko confirmed JustAMinx was present and nearly assaulted by the unnamed TikToker with a “large rock.”

Fans quickly expressed their horror at the story and sent their well-wishes to CodeMiko and the other Epic House occupants.

Thankfully, no one was hurt following the incident. Although the group will be shaken up following the ordeal.