Dr Disrespect walks off stream after insane PGA 2K22 shot

Dr Disrespect/2K

Dr Disrespect showed why he’s one of the greatest to ever do it after sinking a massive Eagle while streaming PGA 2K22.

Doc may be known for his violence, speed, and momentum, but from time to time he diverts from his usual schedule of taking little Timmys to school to play a relaxing game of golf in PGA 2K22.

Such was the case on June 6 when, after finishing his playthrough of The Last of Us, he loaded up PGA 2K22 for a multiplayer match. While showing his opponent how to play like a pro, the Two-Time hit a walk-off hole out for Eagle.

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Doc nabs an eagle in PGA 2K22

It’s widely known that Dr Disrespect is a massive fan of golf, both in gaming and IRL. While 2K’s golfing sim isn’t as difficult as the real thing, shots of this caliber are still extremely rare to see.

During an online match Doc stepped up to his third shot — 134-yard yards out on a par 5 — and after some careful measurements, let one rip with his trusty nine iron.

“This might actually go in,” Doc said as the ball made a beeline for the pin, and just like he predicted, it did indeed find the cup and drop in. Following the shot, the Two-Time walked off stream (don’t worry, he came back).

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While it wasn’t an ace from the Two-Time, grabbing an eagle on a par 5 is no small feat, either in 2K or real life.

Now that Doc has wrapped up The Last of Us and is playing more PGA 2K22 though, we could see him score a true hole in one very soon — if he can keep hitting the ball like this, that is.