Charli D’Amelio accused of buying TikTok followers

Alice Hearing
Instagram: Charli D'Amelio

Despite hitting 100 million TikTok followers at the weekend, Charli D’Amelio can’t catch a break. Thousands are now accusing her of buying the numbers.

While she was approaching the massive milestone, last week it suddenly looked as though Charli wasn’t going to reach it after all. Charli lost 1 million followers after fans called her “ungrateful” for being such a huge star on the platform.

In a video alongside James Charles and her family, Charli jokingly complained that she wasn’t going to hit 100 million within a year of her getting her first million, after which James replied to her “Was 95 million not enough for you?”

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It resulted in a huge backlash and Charli suffered a wave of negative comments eventually resulting in a teary Instagram live where she addressed the criticism.

Charli D'Amelio TikTokInstagram: Charli D'Amelio
Charli officially hit 100 million followers on November 23

Charli wasn’t canceled forever though, as she quickly bounced back and hit her goalpost within a matter of days. But some people are suspicious that she has sprung back too quickly, and her comments on TikTok are covered in accusations that she bought the followers.

Some have pointed to a video going viral that shows people sifting through the accounts that follow her, noticing that many of her new followers appear to be blank accounts that don’t show that they’re following Charli when you click on who they’re following.

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Another TikToker noticed that Charli’s follower count had unusual spikes, pointing out that “You can see that it happens every single minute at the 20-second mark…that seems suspicious doesn’t it?”

After these TikToks went viral, the top comments on Charli’s recent TikToks all accuse her of buying her followers. In a Christmas-themed video with her family posted yesterday, one comment read “Oh look it’s an Amazon box with followers inside.”

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For now, it still seems as though the mass unfollowing was merely a bump in the road for TikTok’s Queen. Neither Charli nor her family have responded to the claims.

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