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Top five British TikTokers you need to follow

Published: 23/Nov/2020 18:07

by Alice Hearing


It often seems like the entirety of TikTok content comes out of creator houses based in Los Angeles like the Hype House, Sway House, or Clubhouse.

It’s important to remember that with the app comes an infinite amount of creativity and from many different locations around the world. Here, we’ve broken down a list of five TikTokers based in the UK who you may not have heard of, but you definitely should be watching.

TrippieHippie (Evie Meg)

TikToker Evie Meg is raising awareness for Tourette’s by helping people to laugh at her tics and one of her latest videos has some of the app’s biggest stars in hysterics.

Evie is a UK-based influencer and has amassed more than 8 million followers from posting videos raising awareness about her condition, filming her different tics, and how it affects her day-to-day life.

@thistrippyhippiehad to join this trend! little tourettes shanty😂##tourettessyndrome ##foryou ##awareness ##foryoupage ##voiceeffects♬ original sound – 🍄evie meg🌱


Ehiz is one of the fastest-growing British TikTokers, having gone from 1 million to more than 7 million followers from September to November. Ehiz is typically known for his comedic duets making fun of other creators, or his hilarious facial expressions.

Ehiz Instagram British TikTok
Instagram: ehizufuah
Ehiz gained millions of followers in only two months

After reaching 1 million followers, Ehiz posted an emotional paragraph on Instagram saying, “You all really make me smile and to know that I am putting a smile on someone’s face and inspiring many honestly is the best feeling in the world.”


Slapstick comedian Stuggy has amassed almost 1 million followers and continues to grow in popularity. His videos typically consist of dry British and silly humor. He appeals to multiple age groups and makes jokes about what it’s like to live with his wife, and how weird he is on a daily basis.

Stuggybear TikTok star
Instagram: Stuggybear
Stuggy is about to hit 1 million followers on TikTok

Stuggy initially found popularity online through Vine after creating an account with his wife, and has continued to amass a large following on YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok.

Abi Clarke

@abiclarkecomedyHappy Monday 😅 ##sketch ##comedy ##ukcomedy ##breakdown ##girlhumour ##work ##funny ##fyp ##weekend♬ original sound – Abi Clarke

Abi Clarke is a stand-up comedian who has transferred her incredible sketch-writing abilities to TikTok and has now earned half a million followers. Abi will often come up with fake scenarios surrounding lockdown, impersonate her cat, or get her parents involved.

Her most viral video imagines what it would be like if colleagues were brutally honest about how much of a breakdown they had at the weekend come Monday morning.

Jack Knightley

@jackknightley##questionsforamericans ##foryoupage ##trending PLEASE DUET !♬ original sound – Jackowacko

If you’re looking for dry, awkward British humor at its finest, follow Jack Knightley to see his hilarious comments underneath videos from some of the app’s biggest stars, and for his hilarious comparisons of British and American culture.

The 18-year-old creator from Devon now has over 400,000 followers and over 22 million likes across all his videos.


James Charles sparks heated beef with rapper Asian Doll over makeup artist fees

Published: 15/Jan/2021 23:17

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and makeup mogul James Charles has started some unexpected beef with rapper Asian Doll after she made a divisive tweet over the price some makeup artists charge for their work.

James Charles is known for getting into the occasional Twitter spat with high-profile celebrities; in August 2020, the YouTuber called out music artist Alicia Keys for her then-unreleased skincare line, which he mistakenly interpreted as another celebrity cash-grab in the makeup biz. (This was not the case.)

Now, it seems that Charles has struck up a feud with none other than Dallas-based rapper Asian Doll — the first female rapper to be signed to Gucci Mane’s very own record label, 1017 Eskimo Records.

It all started over a post Asian Doll made on January 15, where she took issue with makeup artists charging hefty fees for their services.


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A post shared by Queen Von (@asiandabrat)

“If you charge over $150 to do a face of makeup, you can go to hell, respectfully,” she wrote.

Charles was quick to clap back: “What a stupid tweet. One foundation can cost $50, artists have to buy EVERY SHADE for their kit, & thats just the first step…Either pay an artist’s rate for their time & skill, do it yourself, OR get it done at a counter and risk looking busted.”

It seems that Charles’ reply has sparked an avalanche of backlash against him from Asian Doll’s fans, with many accusing him of overstepping his bounds.

Charles has apparently messed with the wrong rapper, as Asian Doll was also quick to fire shots at the beauty guru in a series of additional tweets.

“What a dumb a** to be in my business replying to something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. I’m having a debate about HOOD PRICES baby, stay over there in HOLLYWOOD where they having you looking GHOST,” she wrote — most likely referring to the infamous photo of James Charles wearing foundation several shades lighter than his natural skin tone.

“Literally stop robbing the poor,” the rapper added in a now-deleted reply. “All I’m saying is people shouldn’t have to pay over $150 for a face, DATS IT!”

It seems that Asian Doll’s post has stirred up quite the debate regarding the value and pricing of makeup artists’ time and work in her comments section — but James’ involvement in the conversation has sparked another kind of conversation, altogether.