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Catherine McBroom side-eyes Tana Mongeau over ‘attention-seeking’ cheating rumors

Published: 19/Jun/2021 8:51

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


In her first post since returning to social media after the YouTube vs. TikTok Battle of the Platforms event, Catherine McBroom side-eyed Tana Mongeau for spreading ‘attention-seeking’ rumors about Austin cheating.

The internet blew up during the YouTube Vs. TikTok Battle of the Platforms event for all the wrong reasons after Tana Mongeau claimed Austin cheated on Catherine multiple times, including an instance where she discovered suspicious lipstick in his car.

However, the allegations have since been debunked after Erika Costell revealed it belonged to her, and she left it there after Austin drove her and Jake Paul home.

Despite the seriousness of the claims, Catherine remained surprisingly quiet on social media since the rumors first spread.


But now that she has re-surfaced online, she explained why and even took the time to make a subtle jab at Tana.

Catherine McBroom rubbishes claims that her husband has a "secret family"
Instagram: Austin McBroom
Austin and Catherine’s highly-publicized relationship was rocked with cheating rumors.

“I noticed a lot of you guys were asking if I was okay. I was off my phone for a couple of days. I was spending time with my family,” said Catherine.

She explained the constant “focus” and “pressure” drove her to unplug from the internet for a while. However, now that she’s back, she immediately took a swipe at Tana.

“I think that every time there’s… a lot of attention directed towards us, I feel like a lot of people come out of the woodworks and just start directing the attention to themselves,” she said.


Catherine admitted the false rumors were “one-thousand percent stressful” on her to the point where it made her “nervous” and induced unpleasant bouts of anxiety. “Sometimes you’ve got to remind people that people got feelings too. People are living human experiences just like you.”

Fans had mixed reactions to her post. Some claimed she seems to be “emotionally distancing” herself from the issue, implying that Austin is, in fact, cheating on her.

After all, it’s not the first time the rumors have surfaced. TikToker Monica Bush claimed she slept with him, too.

However, others sympathized with the hardships of being in the public eye and the toll the cheating rumors have taken on her. But when it’s all said and done, they’re just glad to see her back online and posting content once again.