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Erika Costell debunks Austin McBroom cheating rumors after viral lip liner tweet

Published: 15/Jun/2021 2:11 Updated: 15/Jun/2021 2:47

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and model Erika Costell has spoken out about rumors regarding herself and Austin McBroom after a video from Tana Mongeau sparked a storm of speculation online.

The ACE Family’s Austin McBroom is currently at the center of two purported cheating scandals. One TikToker has claimed that she slept with him in a “secret” Malibu estate, while MTV’s Tana Mongeau alleged that he had cheated with someone who’d left makeup in his car — specifically, a lip liner.

In Tana’s story, she claimed that Catherine Paiz — Austin’s wife — had a decidedly negative reaction to finding the makeup in her husband’s car, prompting Austin to call Tana. Tana purportedly took one for the team, telling an upset Catherine that the lip liner was hers.


However, Austin rebuffed these claims, stating that the”lipstick” was actually Erika Costell’s, which she had dropped in his vehicle while he was taking both her and Jake Paul back to Paul’s home.

Costell clapped back by correcting Austin that it was “lip liner” and jokingly asked if she could have it back. This prompted a storm of speculation and backlash against Costell, who has now clarified the situation in a no-nonsense TikTok.

In her video, Costell claims that her tweet response to Austin was “not meant to be taken seriously,” and denied ever having relations of any sort with McBroom.


“No, I did not sleep with Austin McBroom,” she clarified. “First of all, there were three of us in his Lambo. We were speeding, we got pulled over for it. There was a sudden stop, and all my s**t flew out of my purse.”

“Some of y’all talk too much,” she continued. “I’ve done a lot of cringy things in my life, mainly on the internet. But I don’t do them anymore, and I also don’t lie.”

@erikacostellno i’m not a home wrecker lmao- i just wanted some justice for my KKW. lighten up y’all life is too short to be worried about anyone but you🍒♬ original sound – Erika Costell

For now, it seems like at least one of the cheating allegations against McBroom has been officially laid to rest — and the mystery of the controversial lip liner finally revealed.