Austin McBroom shuts down “lame” cheating claims from Tana Mongeau

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Austin McBrook Tana Mongau Cheating Allegation

Austin McBroom clapped back at Tana Mongeau after she claimed he cheated on his wife, Catherine, multiple times, including an instance where he hired four women as ‘fake nannies’.

In June 2020, Jake Paul accused Austin McBroom of cheating on his wife “every weekend,” which ultimately led to a heated confrontation between them.

Austin denied the allegations. However, they’ve emerged up again, and this time, they’re coming from another source, Tana Mongeau, who was dating Jake at the time.

Catherine McBroom rubbishes claims that her husband has a "secret family"
Austin and Catherine’s relationship is highly publicized on YouTube.

“One time, Austin McBroom was cheating on Catherine, and the girl he was cheating on her with left her lipstick in his car,” said Tana.

“We get a call, and we answered it, and it’s Austin bawling his eyes out and Catherine absolutely screaming while holding this lipstick inside of the car.”

“She’s screaming, and she’s like, ‘is the lipstick Tana’s? Austin says the lipstick is Tana’s.’ Austin’s bawling. My dumb a** thinks that the right thing to do at the time is saving the kids. So, I lied to Catherine. I’m like, this is my lipstick.”

She also described another instance, saying “Austin hired four of my friends as his ‘nannies’ and when Catherine would leave, he would sleep with all of them and then told her that they were all his nannies.”

Austin McBroom shut down the claims and accused her of clout chasing.

“[Hats off] to the biggest clout chaser of them all!” he said. “And it was actually Erika Costell’s lipstick dummy. I was taking Jake and her back to Jake’s house.

“This lame as lie ain’t gonna save the attention that your [little boyfriend] Bryce is about to get for his a** whopping.”

Erika also commented to support his story. “It was actually a lip liner. Can I get that back?” she wrote.

Catherine hasn’t commented on the situation herself, with the YouTube Vs. TikTok boxing event going ahead at the time of writing.

Austin’s fight against Bryce Hall is still yet to come on the card. The claims could throw the YouTuber off his game , but we will have to wait and see how he responds.

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