CallMeCarson confirms Twitch return seven months after grooming allegations

CallMeCarsonYouTube: CallMeCarson

Seven months on from ‘grooming’ allegations against Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King, the once-popular Minecraft streamer has announced his Twitch return along with a year-long charity plan to combat the “negative situation.”

Five days into 2021 and popular content creator CallMeCarson was the focal point amid a wave of grooming and pedophilia accusations.

A 17-year old fan by the name of ‘miniborb’ was the first to speak up, revealing their experiences with the streamer while they “were still in high school.”

Months of silence followed as Carson disappeared from the internet altogether. A few accidental mishaps along the way led to a brief appearance on June 20 as he asked for a “little bit longer” to process the situation.

After a slight tease in Mizkif’s stream on August 17, Carson finally resurfaced for good on August 26 with a YouTube upload titled: Moving Forward.

CallMeCarson in a Twitch streamTwitch: CallMeCarson
CallMeCarson has been absent from social media since grooming allegations surfaced seven months ago.

“This isn’t gonna be your average YouTuber apology video,” Carson said in his first planned appearance since allegations surfaced. “I’m not gonna make it long and drawn out.”

“I’ve learned a lot over this past year. I’m not seeking forgiveness nor am I looking to make excuses.”

Not spending much time reflecting on the controversy or addressing the allegations, Carson pivoted to discuss his upcoming plans instead.

Moving forward, the streamer intends to “donate 100% of [his] profits to charity.”

This comes as part of a bigger operation referred to as the ‘Year of Charity.’ Over the next 12 months, a different charity will be in focus as Carson seeks to “raise money for people that need it more.”

“Before you start looking at this as an excuse to sweep things under the rug, that’s not what this is,” he stressed.

“I’m doing this to turn a negative situation into something positive that can help a lot of people.”

The Year of Charity kicks off with Carson’s return to Twitch on September 1. This will be his first broadcast back in just over seven months though the streamer admitted he will be avoiding any questions relating to the allegations.

“I’m not going to answer any specifics of the situation with me,” Carson said. “Nor am I going to do anything to cause any more drama than there already is.”