Mizkif responds to backlash after CallMeCarson’s Twitch appearance

mizkif twitch streamerTwitch: Mizkif

Following CallMeCarson’s surprise appearance on Mizkif’s stream, Mizkif himself faced backlash, with some even claiming to unfollow the popular Twitch streamer, prompting him to respond.

Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King has taken an 8-month hiatus from social media after accusations of grooming underage fans in January, but the popular content creator has frequently teased his return.

The most recent we’ve seen of Carson was on August 13, when the content creator with close to 3M subscribers made a surprise appearance on Mizkif’s live stream.

Once news of Carson’s appearance got out, Mizkif was very quickly bombarded by angry fans for supposedly “downplaying and supporting Carson’s underage grooming”, leaving the streamer in a very difficult situation.

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Twitch: Mizkif
CallMeCarson made an appearance on Mizkif’s stream on August 13.

Carson only made his appearance for a couple of minutes, but that was enough for Twitter, as hate threads were immediately started. During the short appearance, Carson also revealed that he’ll be returning to content creation, saying “I’ll be back soon, like real soon.”

One thread gained almost 10,000 likes, and fans of Mizkif began unfollowing and unsubscribing from his platforms, prompting him to respond the next day.

Mizkif responds

“Carson was here for 30 minutes, he’s gone alright? He’s been gone, he came over for one thing and one thing only, not me. Don’t think I invited him over, he came over for reason, he wants to do a charity thing with Maya. That’s it, Maya said yes, that’s why.”

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“It’s crazy, they’re literally all Minecraft kids and they think he’s joining OTK, they’re like ‘oh, he’s literally living with Mizkif’. He’s here for charity, that’s it. It’s so wild seeing the different audiences are crazy, YouTube audience doesn’t give a f**k, Twitch audience doesn’t give a f**k, but it’s Minecraft kids on Twitter and TikTok kids, those two audiences clash so well.”

So far there have been mixed reactions from other streamers around Carson’s appearance. xQc slammed fans of Carson for downplaying the situation, while others like Asmongold believe Carson did nothing wrong.

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With all the backlash other streamers are receiving, it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if Carson took some more time away from social media.