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Bystander threatens to break Twitch streamer’s camera

Published: 11/Dec/2019 0:07

by Virginia Glaze


Japan-based Twitch streamer “robcdee” was attempting to buy food at a vendor when an angry stranger, unhappy with being filmed, threatened to bust up his equipment.

The world of IRL streaming can be a dangerous one, with quite a few broadcasters capturing unexpected, awkward, and even violent moments as they take place in real time.

From fist fights to reckless driving, car accidents and more, “expect the unexpected” has become the unofficial mantra of IRL streamers. The one common denominator in all of these incidents – disgruntled bystanders.

robcedee_, TwitterIRL Twitch streamer Robcdee (pictured left) is known for broadcasting his travels in Japan.

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Twitch streamers have encountered quite a few of these individuals throughout their careers – people who get upset that they might be getting recorded while going about their daily activities.


Japan-based “robcdee’s” unfortunate encounter took place during a night out in Tokyo, where a foreign stranger was standing near a vendor from which robcdee was looking to buy some food.

However, the bystander quickly confronted the streamer, and even threatened to break his camera should he continue filming in the area, under the belief that such recording was “illegal.”

Robcdee_, TwitterRobcdee’s outings in Tokyo can include some unexpected events, as seen during his pit stop at a hot dog stand.

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“You are recording me, that’s why I told you not to record,” the stranger could be heard saying as he placed his hand in front of the camera lens. “When you were here, you were recording me! If you do it again, I’ll break this thing, man. If you do it again, I’ll break it.”


“Alright, can you step away then?” robcdee asked. “It’s fine to record in public. It’s legal.”

“It’s not legal,” the bystander argued. “You must ask permission before you record!”

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Their conversation continued in much the same manner, with robcdee trying to calm the stranger down, who firmly believed that he was being specifically recorded.

This is hardly the first time an IRL streamer has dealt with such types of people. In fact, Twitch star “CJayRide” was approached multiple times in the course of a single evening by restaurant-goers wanting to avoid the camera, with one bystander even threatening to sue.


Whatever the case may be, it seems that these streamers just can’t catch a break when it comes to angry strangers interrupting their broadcasts – although these encounters do make for some interesting VODs.