Bryce Hall goes back on potential KSI boxing match: “I’m a fan of KSI”

Virginia Glaze
Bryce Hall doubles back on KSI fight

TikTok star Bryce Hall notably called out British YouTuber KSI amidst his previous beef with influencer Austin McBroom — but after losing to McBroom at YouTubers vs TikTokers, Hall is no longer game for a fight with his rival across the pond.

Bryce Hall is the self-described “party animal” of the internet. Rising to fame on TikTok and becoming a top creator in the Sway House, Hall has emerged as a major player in the current age of rising social media stars.

He touched gloves with fellow content creator Austin McBroom — with whom he had a notably intense beef — in the highly-anticipated YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event on June 12, falling to his opponent in the third round by TKO.

His match with McBroom in the books (and their beef quashed), fans are curious to see who he’ll take on next — more specifically, if he’ll ever box KSI.

Hall notably called out KSI in a viral Tweet in mid-May, claiming he would “talk” to the British influencer once his match with McBroom was out of the way.

KSI responded by calling the proposed bout with Hall “easy work.”

This prompted a vicious back-and-forth between the two stars, with Hall poking fun at KSI’s physique while KSI reminded Hall of his undefeated record and that he would “f**k you up easily” if they ever met in the ring.

However, after the Battle of the Platforms, it seems Hall is no longer interested in facing off with KSI, as told in a June 16 interview with Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR.

“KSI is all over this,” Hall joked when asked about the possibility.

“I, again, [was] stirring the pot, trying to get more eyes to the event,” the TikTok star continued, “and it worked. I’m just a fan of KSI and Deji.”

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Hall went on to denounce anyone hating on Deji’s loss at the event and congratulated him for stepping into the ring — but as for a fight with KSI, it seems that Hall managed to avoid the question while singing the Brit’s praises.

This comes as quite a surprise to fans, as Hall had previously claimed that a match with KSI was “95% confirmed” in a previous interview.

For now, it looks like this bout isn’t meant to be… but there’s no telling what the future holds for their future boxing endeavors.

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