KSI roasts brother Deji over YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing loss: "Don’t ever box again" - Dexerto

KSI roasts brother Deji over YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing loss: “Don’t ever box again”

Published: 16/Jun/2021 15:37

by Jacob Hale


Following the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, top YouTuber KSI has begged his brother to never step into the ring again if he can’t put in the work to truly compete.

KSI — real name Olajide Olatunji — has had a fractured relationship with brother Deji through the years.

For some time the two weren’t even talking, but their beef seemed to have died down throughout 2020 and 2021.

After the Battle of the Platforms, KSI even tweeted his little brother saying that he’s not a failure, praising him for getting in the ring and telling him to “not worry” about his loss to Vinnie Hacker.


It appears as though the YouTube, boxing, and music star has had a change of heart regarding his brother’s performance, however, posting a video explaining why it was “embarrassing” and roasting Deji’s approach to hard work.

“Deji, I’m going to talk to you like no one else will around you, because I’m your brother,” KSI said, prefacing the approaching rant. “I’m gonna be real with you: Your work ethic is terrible. I’m disappointed in your team and the people around you, man… It was embarrassing.”

He went on to question how much Deji actually trained considering the shape he was in for the fight, referring to it as a “junk food figure.”


“Deji, man… Don’t ever box again,” he requested of his brother. “Don’t ever box again until you work on your cardio.”

KSI does mention how talented Deji is, admitting that he’s the less talented brother of the two, but his own work rate is what has put him in the position he is.

He continued: “The problem is, Deji, you don’t know hard work if it punched you in the face. And it punched you so many times in the Jake [Paul] fight.”

KSI’s closing statement was one that should resonate with Deji, and he’ll be hoping to get the message across. “You want to get out of my shadow? Start putting in that work.”