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Blake Gray furious after “disrespectful” fan flies drone into Sway House

Published: 30/Dec/2020 20:08

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok stars Blake Gray and Bryce Hall were left furious after discovering a fan had flown a drone outside of the Sway House to record them, warning that they won’t tolerate such behavior a second time.

Being an internet celebrity might seem like a charmed life, but, as with every profession, it comes with its caveats — and those often entail serious invasions of personal privacy.

Many content creators and online personalities have dealt with the occasional over-enthusiastic fan, with names like PewDiePie begging viewers to stop showing up to his house in hopes of meeting him.

This trend has unfortunately extended into the new age of high-profile influencers, with both the Sway House and Hype House of TikTok fame unintentionally disrupting the neighborhood as young fans flock to their homes after their addresses were leaked online.



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It doesn’t seem that the superfans are dying down in spite of current health restrictions, either, as proven by a tweet written by the Sway House’s Blake Gray on December 29.

In the post, Gray revealed that a fan — or stalker — had flown a drone by the Sway House and was recording them. Not cool!

“Casually watching a show when I see a drone recording into our house,” Gray wrote. “Huge invasion of privacy and incredibly disrespectful. Will be bigger consequences if this happens again. Bryce and I won’t tolerate this s**t.”

Blake Gray reveals drone was recording the sway house.
Twitter: Blake Gray
Sway House member Blake Gray revealed that a fan had flown a drone near their home to record them.

While Gray later deleted his tweet, fans are coming out in support of the TikTokers, with many agreeing that the matter was a disturbing breach of personal space.


As previously mentioned, this is far from the first time the Sway boys have had their privacy breached; the group has had to move multiple times, and the Hype House similarly begged their viewers to leave them alone after “hundreds” of fans poured into their driveway to snap pics in front of the house and harangue its tenants for autographs.

No matter how “close” influencers might seem with their audiences, there is a certain amount of personal privacy that is expected. Remember, they are people too, and deserve their own space no matter how famous they are and how “available” they might seem.